10 things you shouldn't know about me:



I don’t understand Art magazines. 


I laugh way too much about myself. 


I don't have many artist friends. 


I know a lot about make-up.


I'm mostly happy and entertained all by myself.


I genuinely thought Art school would be like "Fame". 


Aged 6, I walked with a circus fakir over glass shards. 


I'm very methodic but terribly indisciplined, which kinda deflates the first.


As a child I used to play dress up in my mother's bridal gown. Shut up.  


After Art books, I found that I mostly own poetry books. That was a shock




Solo Exhibitions


2013- 'Pentimenti', Work_Ink Gallery /Cascais, Portugal



Group Exhibitions


2007- Marinha Grande Biennale (award shortlist)/ Portugal




2012- TRIBE Magazine

International Creative Arts Magazine

June - Issue 6